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Located in Loveland, Colorado, Big Fat Pastor Spirits is a family run micro-distillery. Hans has been a pastor for almost 30 years and brewing and winemaking for almost 20 of those.  As soon as he moved to Fort Collins from Cincinnati, it became a fun hobby to share with family and friends. Distilling was a natural progression, which started from home brewing, which led to fermenting grains and apples, etc.

As a pastor, I have recognized the value of community. All the way back to Jesus’ time, people have gathered together to experience community around good drinks. Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine at a wedding celebration.

As the Breuer name implies, the brewing and distilling trade has been in our family for hundreds of years. We want to honor that heritage by carrying on the tradition of creating quality distilled spirits for our local community to enjoy with family and friends.
— Hans Breuer - Master Distiller

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TASTING ROOM HOURS: Saturday 12-4pm
OPEN HOUSE: First Friday of the month 5-9pm

Tasting Room
6754 N Franklin Ave
Loveland, Colorado

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The Products



Description: American style vodka, made with corn and Root Shoot Barley out of Loveland, CO, cut with clean crisp Rocky Mountain water, distilled in small batches on our custom still from Artisan Still Design
Tasting Notes: Floral on the nose, sweet corn body with a touch of barley on the tail end.  



Genesis Gin

American style gin, made with corn and Root Shoot Barley, botanicals exclusively from Old Town Spice Shop in Old Town Fort Collins, and cut with the finest Rocky Mountain water.  Great for sipping or a classic gin and tonic, pairs nicely with grapefruit and berries!

Tasting Notes: Botanical forward, with notes of cardamom, coriander, angelica root, and lemon peel and a few other secret ingredients!



Barrel Rested Genesis Gin

We take our american style gin and age it in virgin oak barrels, adding a unique vanilla, caramel and woody flavor to the gin.  The result is adds complexity to the spirit.  It can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks or mixed with ginger ale.



Soul Searchin' Bourbon Whiskey

Honoring our Kentucky family roots, we present our first offering of Bourbon Whiskey.  A mix of Colorado Barley and Corn are hand mashed, fermented, distilled and barreled in our distillery.  Using 15 and 30 gallon virgin oak barrels, we let the bourbon rest, give our angel share offering and wait patiently until we feel that it is ready for release. 

Tasting Notes: Sweet honeysuckle, cereal mouthfeel, with woody and spicy notes.



Holy Smokes Malt Whiskey

The Holy grail of malt whiskies! We blend Colorado grown Barley with Peat Smoked Barley imported straight from Scotland.  This offers a sweet and smokey mix of grains that is approachable for the whiskey newbie to the aficionado. Hand mashed, fermented and distilled by our family and friends.

Tasting Notes: Smoky, camp fire nose, delicate sweet and malty body with a nice balance of peat and smoke on the finish.


small distillery, 


The Process

Big Fat Pastor Spirits are micro distilled in 50 gallon batches.  We use one of the smallest commercial production stills on the market to closely control the entire distilling process.  We are more interested in producing a quality product than producing a large quantity of alcohol.  Our quality is achieved by removing the heads and tails of each run during the distillation process, leaving the “heart” to become Big Fat Pastor Spirits.  Our micro distillation process results in a distillate that measures 95%ABV (190 proof).  It is then cut to spirit strength 40% ABV (80 proof) using crisp clear Rocky Mountain water.  The 80 proof spirits are then bottled.  

What makes us different from the "big guys"?  Ever since Prohibition was repealed in 1933, the producers of American spirits have grown into larger and larger capacity stills. (The capacity of the still is how big the kettle is to hold not-yet-distilled liquid).  Many of the larger distillers are also moving toward a continuous distillation process making it nearly impossible to distinguish between the heads, hearts and tails of a distillation run, the three phases of every distillation run.  At the same time, as your distillation batches grow bigger and bigger, the ability to separate the “heads” from the “hearts” and the “hearts” from the “tails” becomes more difficult.  

The heads are the first part of each run and are a natural byproduct of fermentation, but undesirable to drink.  They include acetones and methanol.  The heart of the distillation is that ethanol molecule we’re interested in, and the part of the distillation run we want to collect the most of.  Finally, the tails of distillation contain fusel oils and conjures leftover from fermentation that are bitter and undesirable in the final product.  During distillation, the head of the run is the first to come out of the still.  As the distillation proceeds, the concentration of heads will gradually taper off as the hearts increase.  Eventually only hearts are coming out of the still. Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear measurable point where heads stop and hearts begin.  This is one of the aspects that make every distillery different.  It is up to the master distiller to make the call when it is time to stop collecting heads, and begin collecting the hearts.  The timing of this call is key to the final quality of the distillation, as well as key to the final amount the distiller will end with.  If they make the call too early, there will be heads included with the hearts, but the overall volume will be increased.  Make the call too late, and there will be mostly hearts collected, but at the cost of wasting a lot of good alcohol molecules.  As the distillation batch size increases (larger stills), the challenge to make this cut also increases. This makes the ability to exclude all head-alcohol near impossible without discarding a large portion of the hearts.  Distilling in micro batches allows us to most effectively isolate the hearts resulting in smooth neutral spirit.


Our Location

6754 N Franklin Ave
Loveland, Colorado


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2601 S Lemay Ave #31
Fort Collins, CO 80525

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6624 W 10th St #100
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675 Genoa Way
Castle Rock, CO 80109


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